The Georgia Farmers Market Association’s aim is to improve whole food access through support of local, small-scale farmers and farmers markets in Georgia. Join GFMA today to discover all of the ways that people just like you are making food access and sustainable agriculture a reality. Through your continuous support of GFMA, we have been able to develop programs, educational material, training and many more resources for communities across Georgia.

You can support the work of GFMA with just a click of your mouse by watching and sharing the ‘SNAP Out of It’ video. ‘SNAP Out of It’ is an example of one resource that GFMA has produced to inform consumers about the value of food access for all Georgians. Watch the video to learn just how impactful SNAP resourcing is for Georgia families. Feel free to share this video with your network and on your social pages!

SNAP benefits (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program), also known as food stamps, have helped many people change their lives for the better. Many of our member markets are helping improve food access in their communities by accepting EBT/SNAP at their markets. Think you know what type of person uses food stamps? Think again! It’s time to ‘snap’ out of our previous thinking about food stamps


Special Thanks To:

Students at Georgia State

East Point Farmers Market

Gilliam’s Community Garden

Strange & Co.