Food For Thought Conference Update from the Executive Director


My work with the Georgia Farmers Market Association currently dovetails quite nicely with my personal values and passions. However, I still refer to myself as an accidental homesteader… living sustainably minded wasn’t something I considered until relatively recently.

I was introduced to Leni Sorensen this time last year. At first, it was distant admiration. I did what any food and community lover would do… I googled her. Whoa! On my screen was a person whose work and family life spoke directly to me; not only as a good food advocate but also as a mother and wife.  I decided in that moment that we needed Leni to come to share her well honed knowledge with us here in Georgia.  I am beyond excited (and humbly appreciative) to announce that she has graciously agreed to step away from her homestead, Indigo House, and join us as a keynote speaker at the 2017 Food For Thought Conference.

Leni has a strong and consistent presence in all the spaces you’d expect to find someone of her caliber: Mother Earth News, Southern Food Ways Alliance,  Blogtalk Radio, and Southern Kitchen have all managed to capture some of the magic this Culinary Historian and fierce Mother of all the things brings to the world. What I learned in our first conversation is that Leni is best experienced first hand. That phone call left me full; like I imagine one of her famous (completely homemade) BLT sandwiches would.  It was part lecture, part elder wisdom and part girlfriend catch up… nevermind the fact we had never met.

Feeling like I haven’t really told you a whole lot about Leni? That isn’t an accident. I will tell you that her talk will focus on her homesteading and farming philosophy. As she sees it,  Home Provisioning, (with farms and farmers markets playing essential roles) is key to creating truly self sustaining communities.  

The Food For Thought Conference is shaping up to be even bigger and better than last year and Leni is a big part of that. You need to come experience it yourself.

See you November 30,