Partnerships are integral to the success of our efforts at the Georgia Farmers Market Association and we are thrilled to have Longleaf Media as our communications partner for this year's Food for Thought Conference!

James Carr founded Longleaf Media in 2017, a production and promotion company that creates content and coordinates events in support of local food, sustainability, and innovation. 

In 2017, James launched a video series called Meet the Movement, as well as the Thank a Farmer podcast. He also helped bring the first ever PeachFest to Atlanta, coordinated marketing efforts for the ALFI Fruit Tree Sale, Georgia Organics Conference, and the Taste of Aglanta, and became the marketing chair for TEDxPeachtree.

James is the board secretary for Georgia Shift, and has previously worked for Georgia Organics, Move This World, and as columnist for NorthFulton.com writing about local food and sustainability. His writing about sports and culture has also appeared on FOX Sports, Bleacher Report, and The Shadow League.

His book, The Jig Is Up: How Georgia Can Lead the Sustainable Revolution, was released in 2014 and is available as an e-book on Amazon

Our Executive Director, Sagdrina Jalal, recently caught up with James to talk about her own journey to health and details about the upcoming conference:

Be on the lookout for more videos like these from James leading up to #FoodForThought2017, highlighting speakers, sponsors, and GFMA members.

You can check out James' words, videos and upcoming events at www.longleaf.media, or follow him via Longleaf Media on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter