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Georgia Farmers Market Association Announces

Dr. Leni Sorensen Will Deliver Keynote Speech at its

Food for Thought Conference

Dr. Sorensen is a Culinary Historian, Teacher, Consultant and Writer

October 23, 2017, Atlanta, Georgia:  The Georgia Farmers Market Association (GFMA) announced today that Dr. Leni Sorensen will deliver the keynote address on December 1 during its Food for Thought Conference, which will take place at Gwinnett Technical College in Lawrenceville, GA.

Dr. Sorensen earned her BA in history at Mary Baldwin College and her MA/PhD in American Studies at The College of William and Mary. In addition to her early musical interests, she has farmed, raised a family, and worked for over thirty years as a university lecturer, museum consultant, hands-on presenter and researcher with a focus on African American slavery, American agriculture, and women’s work in colonial and post-colonial America. Retired from six years as the African American Research Historian at Monticello, Leni now continues to lecture, consult and write on issues of food history and teaches home provisioning and rural life skills from her home, near Charlottesville, Virginia, in Western Albemarle County. She is currently working on a project to cook all the recipes in The Virginia House-Wife, by Mrs. Mary Randolph (published in 1824); documenting the project via digital and online media.

“I want to help people connect our cultural past and future - food is cultural,” said Leni.
“I enjoy teaching about food and home provisioning. If I have a philosophy, it’s to pass on the stuff I know.”

Today, Leni writes on her website (, lectures and teaches home provisioning and rural life skills. She hosts historical dinners and teaches a variety of classes from her home and farm, near Charlottesville, Virginia. She has written several books, which will be available at the conference, including:

The Gen-Xers, Millennials & Hipster Guide: 6 Basic Things to Know About
Sharing a Kitchen with Housemates
(with recipes)


Through the Seasons with Mary Randolph
(historic recipes and notes)

We are thrilled to share Leni’s enthusiasm and inspiration with our Georgia friends, communities, and supporters,” said Sagdrina Jalal, Executive Director, Georgia Farmers Market Association. “She is full of life, brimming over with information, and delightfully engaging.”

About Dr. Leni Sorensen,

Dr. Leni Sorensen is a food historian, teacher, consultant, lecturer and writer. She farms, processes chickens, prepares meat, and provisions her home, Indigo House, near Charlottesville, Virginia. She explores recipes and shares her experiences through her blog,

About the Georgia Farmers Market Association (GFMA),

GFMA is an association of farmers markets, producers and farmers, community organizations, and local food advocates. Members believe that farmers markets can be vital community building, economy bolstering organizations that grow local, healthy food systems and improve equitable food access. The association hosts the annual Food for Thought Conference and works to promote and support community-based farmers markets through its membership, consulting and education programs.

About the Food for Thought Conference
November 30 and December 1, 2017 at Gwinnett Technical College

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