News Release


Hudgens Center for Art and Learning Partners with

Georgia Farmers Market Association

To Host a Celebration of Local Farmers and Food Producers

A new Addition to the Food for Thought Conference, the
Fundraising Reception will be held December 1, 2017

October 24, 2017, Atlanta, Georgia: The Hudgens Center for Art and Learning and the Georgia Farmers Market Association (GFMA) announced plans to host a reception celebrating local farmers and food producers. The event will take place at the Hudgens Center following the GFMA Food for Thought Conference, which will take place at Gwinnett Technical College on November 30 and December 1, 2017

The Celebration of Local Farmers and Food Producers will be open to the public, tickets may be purchased on the GFMA website. Participants will mingle in the Hudgens galleries among the work of renowned artist, Elizabeth Catlett and enjoy cocktails and delicious samples of local food, prepared by local chefs.

“We have been working to build more robust partnerships with community non-profits, said
Ife Williams, Executive Director of the Hudgens Center for Art and Learning. “We are delighted to partner with the Georgia Farmers Market Association for an event to celebrate local farmers and food producers, who represent such a vital part of our history and communities today. The timing of the Elizabeth Catlett Exhibit along with the Food for Thought Conference makes this a natural fit.”

Catlett was a graphic artist and sculpture, born in Washington D.C. to parents who were educators and she is the granddaughter of freed slaves. She was celebrated for her prints and sculptures in which she expressed her civic and social interests, particularly the Civil Rights movement. Her intent was to convey social messages rather than pure aesthetics and she dedicated much of her work to improving the lives of African-American and Mexican women. Sharecropper (1952), a print that compassionately conveyed her concerns, will be among her work on display at the Hudgens Museum.

The Georgia Farmers Market Association is dedicated to strengthening connections between local farmers, producers and farmers markets. The organization works to help them maintain sustainable businesses, engage their communities, and improve local food systems. Its Food for Thought Conference brings market managers, farmers, municipalities, agricultural businesses, educators, healthcare professionals, food advocates and local food enthusiasts together to share their experience, knowledge and passion for healthy food, strong communities and food sovereignty. This fundraising celebration of Local Food Producers will help fuel the work of the association year-round.

We had been looking for the right venue to add a special evening event to our Food for Thought Conference,” said Sagdrina Jalal, Executive Director, Georgia Farmers Market Association. “After touring the beautiful Hudgens Center for Art and Learning and hearing about the Elizabeth Catlett Exhibition we were thrilled when they agreed to partner with us for this reception.”

 About the Food for Thought Conference

Additional information about the Food for Thought Conference, links to register and purchase tickets for the Celebration of Local Food Producers can be found on the GFMA website

About the Hudgens Center for Art and Learning

The Hudgens Center for Art & Learning is a non-profit organization that has been focused on the arts since its establishment in 1981. The Hudgens’ mission is to bring art lovers, leaders and learners together through quality programs and exhibits. That mission is accomplished through visual arts initiatives, such as year round fine art exhibits and classes for all ages, and community arts initiatives, which reach out to underserved populations.

The Hudgens Center for the Arts is located at 6400 Sugarloaf Parkway, Bldg. 300, in Duluth, in the Infinite Energy Center complex. For more information about art exhibitions, events and classes at The Hudgens, please visit the website at or call 770-623-6002.

About the Georgia Farmers Market Association (GFMA)

GFMA is an association of farmers markets, producers and farmers, community organizations, and local food advocates. Members believe that farmers markets can be vital community building, economy bolstering organizations that grow local, healthy food systems and improve equitable food access. The association hosts the annual Food for Thought Conference and works to promote and support community-based farmers markets through its membership, consulting and education programs.