Three Benefits of Becoming a Just Food Advocate

just food image

Last month, we launched our Just Food Advocacy Membership which will support justice, advocacy work, and policy within our state. Through a monthly donation, our Just Food Advocates will help support the work of GFMA, local farmers, and help launch our Just Food Markets. Just Food will ensure that people of all income levels have access to fresh produce and improve local food systems in the state of Georgia.

Here are three benefits of becoming a Just Food Advocate:

  • By becoming a Just Food Advocate, you will be making a statement in the support of the people that grow your food and the leaders that organize local food distribution in your community, as well as equal access to fresh, healthy sustainable food.

  • You are identifying yourself as part of a network of agents of change who engage in food and justice-related topics. This engagement will take place through GFMA’s events, educational opportunities, volunteer opportunities, and information sharing through our Justice Journal, social media and print materials.

  • You will amplify your voice, as well as the voice of those who may not normally be included in the conversation. GFMA not only aims to provide a collective response from our membership, but we seek to have our members serve as ambassadors from their communities in an effort to make sure that we represent a cross-section of Georgians who value local food.

Please take the time to visit our website, review the membership levels, select your monthly contribution, and become a Food Justice Advocate today!