Note from the Executive Director


We are continuing to work hard to be a leading force in how local food is distributed in our state. Our first local low country boil allowed us to raise awareness about food justice while enjoying a delicious meal prepared by chefs committed to good food for everyone. We were able to have meaningful conversation regarding our responsibility as food justice advocates and the role we will be playing this summer with our Just Food Markets. Many were also able to support the Just Food movement by joining as an Advocate Member.

While we remain steadfast on our focus in supporting small scale farmers in Georgia, we also realize that in order to do that it is important that we provide a way for everyone to stay connected. Food Justice Advocates will also receive the Justice Journal. The Justice Journal is a monthly publication following Food Justice leaders in our local Georgia community. It contains cultural, historical, and political context for our community to become a part of the food justice movement.

April’s Justice Journal highlighted the perspective of food warriors including Ron Finley, who is also known as “The Gangsta Gardener”. When speaking about how food justice is reflected in his work he states “Making a just system is my work. My work isn’t just about food justice. It’s about having a system and just communities. It’s not just about the food, the water, the air; it’s about freedom”. As we strive to be more like Ron Finley and other food warriors, join the conversation by becoming a Food Justice Advocate today.