$5,000 Opportunity for Organic Farmers in Georgia

Through its recent partnership with Tuskegee University, the Georgia Farmers Market Association will be providing an opportunity for local, organic farmers to receive up to $5,000 by participating in a research study. GFMA invites certified organic  and soon-to-be organic farmers to participate in a unique research opportunity to provide soil and harvest samples for Tuskegee University. Supplies are provided and farmers are compensated with $5,000! Supplies include organic seeds, pesticides and fertilizers (of your choosing from Tuskegee University's seed bank)!

This is a two-year research opportunity beginning in 2018, and farmers will be paid $2,500 for each year that they participate. From the produce harvested, the university asks that farmers are willing to sell what they grow. Food that is not sold will be purchased by the university (at market price), with the expectation that farmers donate what cannot be sold. This project, "Strengthening Organic Farming Infrastructure through Consumer Education, Market Development and Integrated Extension and Research Programs in the Southeastern Region," is sponsored by USDA/OREI Program for Tuskegee University and selected southeast land grant universities with other partners.

The research does not begin until 2018, but selection starts now! For more details and for the opportunity to join this unique opportunity, apply here! You don't want to miss out on this incredible opportunity.

The Georgia Farmers Market Association is facilitating this exciting opportunity for GFMA member farmers. Click here  to join GFMA and learn all of the amazing benefits of membership.