GFMA Community Partner Feature | The Turnip Truck of Georgia

turnip truck

Through our partnership with The Turnip Truck we pull together produce from growers from all over Georgia.  Our growers all use sustainable growing practices; many carry certifications such are certified organic and certified naturally grown.  Together, we’ve been able to make a difference in the lives of many Georgians who want to change the view at their dinner table. The mission of The Turnip Truck is to provide Atlanta area restaurants, schools, and institutions with the finest locally grown vegetables, fruits, dairy products, and other foods, as well as specialty items. They represent a network of over fifty small local farms to provide you with the absolute freshest Vegetables, Fruits, Eggs, Milk, Dairy Products, and more! Their goal is to make it as easy as possible for the end user to source from local, sustainable producers. By allowing Atlanta area restaurants to substitute local goods for the conventional products that they would be buying anyway, they are taking large amounts of income that would be going to agriculture industry giants and diverting it back to local producers. Now that’s a community win win!

By spending your food purchasing dollars with them you are truly helping to forward the slow food agenda and helping to support hard working small farmers in a truly local sphere. In their first five years of operation, The Turnip Truck was able to put 1.9 million dollars into the pockets of our local producers! Thanks Turnip Truck!  We are proud you are our partner!

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