GFMA Introduces Nourish: A Guide to Incorporating Local Food at the Family Table

In the farmers market space, one thing that we have found to be an incredible selling point is the quality of the food. In our member markets, we have found there to be no better way to communicate this than to engage shoppers in hands-on, experiential learning. Markets have historically achieved this through food samples in the hopes of getting shoppers to taste the difference in quality. The Georgia Farmers Market Association took this model of experiential learning and redesigned it into Nourish, a 12 week outreach program designed to engage and inform not just the consumer, but the market manager themselves. It takes the effectiveness of offering samples and transforms it into an interactive, on-site cooking experience where shoppers can learn how to create meals using market produce. Nourish offers market outreach coordinators an opportunity to have an in-depth learning experience on how to create engaging food demonstrations at their markets. The curriculum was developed by GFMA’s Executive Director, Sagdrina Jalal and certified RAW foods educator, Carla de Rosa. The course walks participants through methods of preparing food that are best suited for farmers markets and emphasizes meal preparation that is seasonal and local. In a culture that has prioritized understanding the health benefits of food, learning how to inform your audience of the nutritional value of the food available at the market can be a huge selling point. It also fosters a level of community engagement that leaves shoppers feeling appreciated and informed, which can increase shopper loyalty. GFMA is offering Nourish at no cost to member markets, and in fact offers a $600 stipend for the participating outreach coordinator. Read the list below to see all that Nourish has to offer!

  • Nourish training led by GFMA’s Sagdrina Jalal and Food Educator Carla De Rosa
  • A $600 stipend for a Market Outreach Coordinator (can be Market Manager)
  • Reimbursement for food used in approved demonstrations (must be purchased from growers at your market).
  • Outreach Marketing Materials
  • Access to a food demonstration kit complete with everything needed to have a successful food demonstration
  • Ongoing technical assistance by the GFMA team

Considerations when choosing markets to participate in this Program:

  • Current Member 2017 of the Georgia Farmers Market Association (required-join here)
  • Market must have current FNS number (required)
  • Market must accept SNAP/EBT (required)
  • Geographic Diversity (we are looking for markets all over Georgia)
  • Market season must have a market season of at least 12 weeks (required)
  • Previous participation in Wholesome Wave’s FM Tracks program (not required but considered)
  • Access to an iPad or iPad mini

GFMA’s newly developed Food Education Outreach program Nourish will be available to Member Markets the 2017 farmers market season. For more information on Nourish, sign up here!