GFMA Member Market Feature | East Point Farmers Market

As Market Season kicks into high gear, we wanted to introduce you to our GFMA member markets and their market managers. The first feature introduces you to the Sissie Lang, manager for the East Point Farmers Market. Browse through the Q&A below to learn more about this great market!
How long have you been a market manager? I've been a market manager for six years.

What's your connection to Agriculture? My family based in North Carolina all had farms and they still do. They grew cotton, corn, and raised livestock. We also made wool. When we visited as children, we were put to work. I  killed a chicken at age 6 and didn't eat chicken again until i was 10 years old!

What makes your market unique? Its focus is building community, both socially and in health.

Give us an idea of what a typical market day looks like. What vendors are there and what type of products can shoppers find? We have familiar faces that come to see their neighbors and friends. We enjoy watching children learn where their food comes from. Farmers talk about how and why they do what they do.  Shoppers will find produce, coffee, meats, crocheted clothing and even African Shea butter. We have a little girl who raises money for her girl scout troop. Homemade soups and medicinals are also found here.

What's the one idea you try to convey to people who've never shopped at a farmer's market? Buy according to what you like, consider what you will really use and what is seasonal.

Why do you think local markets are important? They encourage community involvement and making healthy choices.
How is GFMA assisting you and your market in connecting people to food? We have had so much success with the Open Hand/Cooking Matters program that GFMA introduced to our market.  It really helps people consider the nutritional value of what they put in their bodies. It also helps you learn how to stretch your resources.

Is there anything we haven't asked that you'd like to mention?  I'd like to encourage other markets and producers to consider joining GFMA. It is a great resource!
Learn more about the East Point Farmers Market here.

Photo Gallery (Courtesy | East Point Farmers Market and GFMA)