GFMA Member Market Feature | Lilburn Farmers Market

As part of our feature series on GFMA member markets, we wanted to introduce you to the Lilburn Farmers Market. In this feature, market manager Mandy McManus gives us insight into why markets are so important and how GFMA is working to support them. Browse through the Q&A below to learn more from Mandy. 1. When did your market start? Our market started in 2010.

2. What makes your market unique? We are unique because we are not sponsored by a city, we are independently run by volunteers who feel strongly about giving back to their community.

3. Give me an idea of what a typical market day looks like. What vendors are there and what type of products can shoppers find? Our market has 35-40 vendors of locally grown and produced items. We have ready to eat dinner items from food trucks and BBQ vendor each week. We have unique items such as gluten free desserts, hydroponic grown tomatoes, refreshing lemonades made with up to 30 different fruit juices and so much more. These are things you can only find at a farmers market.

4. What's the one thing you wished people understood about farmers markets, farmers and/or the work that you do? That we are not the grocery store. That produce has seasons and things are not always in season. Come to a farmers market with an open mind and discover something to try that you didn’t know you would find.

5. Why do you think local markets are important to communities? A typical visit to the local farmers market is a chance to engage with your community and your neighbors. We often see people greeting their friends and having great conversations. We also provide opportunities for local non profits to promote their missions and have had great responses from local knitting guilds to start up community theater groups and many more. This is why farmers markets are important for communities, it gives them a chance to engage local people.

6. How is GFMA assisting you and your market in connecting people to local food? GFMA has provided us the resources to provide EBT doubling program to our customers and helping us spread the word about the Lilburn Farmers Market.

7. Is there anything I haven't asked that you'd like to mention? Check out our webpage at and like us on Facebook for more info and photos. And follow us on Instagram at @lilburnfarmersmarket