GFMA Member Market Feature | Tucker Farmers Market

As part of our feature series on GFMA member markets, we wanted to introduce you to the Tucker Farmers Market. In this feature, market manager Nancy Qarmout gives us insight into why markets are so important and how GFMA is working to support them. Browse through the Q&A below to learn more from Nancy. 1. When and Why did your market start? The Tucker Farmers Market started in the spring of 2012, based on an observed need in our community.

2. What makes your market unique? Tucker is a strong, close knit community that has enveloped our vendors into the community. Plus, we try to maintain a fun and family-oriented atmosphere that will keep customers returning.
3. Give me an idea of what a typical market day looks like. What vendors are there and what type of products can shoppers find? Our evening market consists of a variety of local farmers and producers. Our aim is to provide a full-spectrum grocery shopping experience for our customers. We also build on Tucker's tradition of fostering local music by inviting musicians to play every week. Local businesses and community organizations are invited -- one or two per week -- to highlight their goods and services. And, on the first Thursday of every month, we host food trucks.
4. What's the one thing you wished people understood about farmers markets, farmers and/or the work that you do?
That the work is a bit thankless! We sure don't do this for the big bucks, but we love the way markets created connectedness among people and to the physical community.
Learn more about the Tucker Farmers Market, here.