GFMA Partners with Oldways to Provide Food Demonstration Training

GFMA is excited to announce its partnership with the Oldways, a heritage cooking program that aims to inspire healthy eating through traditional diets. Oldways has sought out traditional eating habits from around the world, with certified instructors who engage their community in learning the culturally specific dietary traditions. You may be familiar with the organization for its well known Whole Grain Stamp or the Mediterranean Diet Pyramid. Their aim is to encourage eating practices that are culturally relevant, optimal for good health and good for the planet. To integrate this practice of using cultural foods to improve health outcomes, the Georgia Farmers Market Association and Oldways have partnered to offer the African Heritage & Health program to communities across our state.  Their six week course: A Taste of African Heritage Cooking Classes blends nutrition and cultural history with simple, delicious cooking techniques, to inspire a whole new way of eating-through the “old ways”.  GFMA will host an Oldways training pilot conducted by Oldways staff this Spring, and is working on funding to sponsor producers and market managers in select communities.

It has been suggested that reintroducing a cultural cuisine that more closely aligns with individuals’ heritage cooking my yield a more positive relationship with their food, and thus, with their health. The Oldways African Heritage course has seen success, with an average weight loss of 6 pounds amongst participants! These incredible results demonstrate the impact that heritage cooking can offer. GFMA is thrilled to be a part of this incredible initiative, and welcomes you to consider offering the program in your community. Participants will be trained in a 'teach the teacher' style workshop that will equip participants with the tools and information on how to offer the course in their community.

If you’d like to stay informed as the training and funding opportunities , please fill out an interest form here.