Meet Our Board Members: Eric Simpson


Eric Simpson is on our General Board, representing the Piedmont Region. He works with member recruitment, while running his farm, New Eden ecosystem in West Point, GA. From the website, New Eden ecosystem is "a one-of-a-kind sustainable homestead ecopark, [featuring] a beautiful organic farm, orchard, and lake located in a lush ecosystem!" Simpson is also part of the West Georgia Farmers Cooperative, which brings people together under the cooperative umbrella to grow and sell produce at pop-up farmers markets.

Why did you join GFMA?

I was invited to join and I am committed to the mission.

Why do you think others should join GFMA?

[For] the vision, mission, and purpose

What do you grow/produce?

Vegetables, fruit, protein(poultry and eggs), and small ruminants


Where do you sell?

Aggregation with a cooperative to large institutions, farmers' markets, and CSA.

What GFMA benefit are you most excited about implementing ?

Farmers' market support

Is this a family business? If so, who/how is your family involved?

Yes and no. I am a single gentleman farmer.

What’s the most exciting progress you saw in 2015?

The growth of market opportunities

What do you hope to see happen in 2016?

Increase in farmer market participation

What advice would you give to someone thinking about starting a farming business?

Be a part of a support network that include fellow farmers and other relevant experts.

What’s your favorite vegetable? Least favorite?

Watermelon-favorite, radish- least favorite

Read more about Eric and his ecosystem at, and check out the West Georgia Farmer's Cooperative at their Facebook page!