What Does it Take to Attract Repeat Shoppers?

Things have changed tremendously over the last ten years.  Georgia has gone from a handful of markets scattered throughout our state to close to two hundred community farmers markets in operation today. Smart phones are people’s main source of communication; you hardly see people without one in their hand!  Social media has become the way we stay in contact with family, friends and the latest trends.  All of this has changed the way we attract and retain shoppers. These days people have a wealth of information and choices right at their fingertips.  There are also many more vendors selling a variety of goods and services at farmers markets. The farmers market landscape has definitely changed and that leaves some producers wondering how to set themselves apart.

How do you encourage loyal shoppers?

  • Is it necessary to invest in an expensive booth display to keep customers coming back?
  • Are giveaways essential?
  • Should you included value-added products in your offerings?

Even with all the above in place, combined with the latest technological advances and superb marketing techniques, the most important component is developing a relationship with your customers.

Because your customers do have choices, it's essential to keep in mind that they are not just buying your products.  You are part of the package! They are buying the experience, the feeling you give them when they visit your booth.

Here are three things you can do to connect to your customers:

  • Ask what brought them to the market and provide them with information that addresses that need.
  • Talk to them about your values about food and your growing practices. Customers want to know why you do what you do and it's as important to your family as it is for theirs.
  • Offer to stay in touch with your customers. Have a sign-up for periodic communications whether it's through social media or newsletters. This lets your customer know you're considering their needs between market visits.

Building a strong customer base doesn't happen overnight. It takes consistency and patience. However, the end result will be a customer base that is 100% committed to you.

To Your Amazing Success,

Your GFMA Team